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  • 16 June, 2017 15:26

    The outlook for the dollar is positive again

    At the last trading session, the American currency was feverish. A lot of macroeconomic data was published in the middle of the day. Namely, the core CPI rose by 1.7% against the expected by analysts growth of 1.9%, in its turn, the consumer price index rose by 1.9% against 2%, while the volume of retail sales showed a decline in May by 0.3% against the estimated growth by 0.1%. The statistics turned out to be much worse than expected. This indicates a decline in consumer demand, which is
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  • 14 June, 2017 14:48

    All attention to the meeting of the US Federal Reserve

    The coming week is as much eventful as the previous one. It is remarkable, first of all, by the number of meetings of regulators of such countries as the USA, Switzerland, Great Britain, Japan and Russia. In addition, a large number of macroeconomic data will be published during the coming week that will affect the trading dynamics. At the end of the week, the dollar cheered up. After the speech of the former head of the FBI Comey, the impeachment of Donald Trump is canceled. This factor has
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  • 08 June, 2017 17:52

    “Super Thursday”

    Thursday promises to be volatile. During the day, there will be a lot of macroeconomic data, and tomorrow will be held the ECB meeting and the elections to the Parliament of Great Britain, appointed by Prime Minister Teresa Mei. In the morning, the data on Japan's GDP for the first quarter are expected. Analysts expect the growth of the indicator to the level of 2.4%. In general, the forecast can be justified. In the Land of the Rising Sun, export growth has recently been observed, as well as a
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  • 08 June, 2017 15:08

    In the limelight is the US Federal Reserve meeting

    The central event of the next two weeks is the meeting of the US Federal Reserve. In fact, the fate of, firstly, the American currency, of course, will depend on the further actions of the regulators. While the Fed's interest rate increase is maintained by federal funds, the market's probability of this event is estimated at more than 88%. If this scenario is implemented, then this will be the second increase for the year. Simultaneously, the probability of raising the interest rate for the
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  • 31 May, 2017 21:08

    China's statistics will set the pace for Asian trading hours

    On Wednesday, China's players will be back to global financial markets after the holiday. Major economic data, namely Manufacturing PMI and Non-Manufacturing PMI, are expected to be released in China the same day. Considering risks of economic slowdown in China, the readings might disappoint investors and set a new pace for trading during the Asian session. This may particularly affect the Australian dollar and New Zealand dollar, which are dependent on China's economy because on their China
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  • 30 May, 2017 22:05

    Low market activity, yet investment ideas present

    Trading activity has lowered in global financial markets. In the US, the UK and China, it is a bank holiday today, so key players have a day off. In view of this, no major macroeconomic data were released during the day, and major currency pairs have demonstrated neutral dynamics and have been traded near last Friday's closing levels. The currency pair EUR/USD basically remains in an uptrend, however it is also testing the 1.116 level within a local correction. In case of a breakout of this
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  • 29 May, 2017 19:51

    Investors have lowered their risk appetite

    FX trading has been rather active in the currency pairs involving the yen, plus there has been a substantial increase in gold, +0.85%. Normally, this kind of correlated dynamics reflects that the investor sentiment indicates risk aversion. Amid these developments, European stock exchanges have been experiencing local sales, and key indices have been trading in the red zone. Asian stock indices showed mixed closing. The S&P500 broad market index is showing a correction, within a bullish
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  • 25 May, 2017 21:53

    This Week's Most Anticipated Events: OPEC+ Meeting And FOMC Minutes

    This week, markets have been following two major events. The topic No.1 is, of course, the OPEC+ meeting in Vienna planned for May 25. During this meeting, a crucial decision is expected to be made in regard to further prolongation of curbs on oil production, and the terms of a new deal will be defined as well. According to Saudi and Russian energy ministers, the deal will not be prolonged for six months, as planned earlier, but for the next nine months. In our view, the actual decision to
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  • 24 May, 2017 17:37

    Political risks are increasing not only in the US but also in the UK

    The political climate in the USA is still tense. There was no new sensation at the beginning of this week, but the overall sentiment, according to political journalist Elizabeth Drew, is viewed as follows: "On both sides of the White House fence, near-nervous breakdowns abound. The White House staff is said to be in a state of near collapse - bouncing from one presidential crisis to another, trying all the while to hide from a screaming president". Surely, the way things are shaping up raises a
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  • 22 May, 2017 05:00

    This week's topic No.1: OPEC+ meeting

    By the end of the last week, investors slightly calmed down, however risks of an escalating political scandal remain. The topic of the possible impeachment of the US President is becoming more popular, and this, on the whole, negatively affects global markets, including Russia's currency markets. Nevertheless, the hype surrounding Trump's resignation has decreased, yet another negative factor is picking up steam, which can manifest itself in investors running away from risks once again. The
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